Do’s & Don’ts: Summer Fitness for Women

By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Warm, sun-filled days can jumpstart your fitness routine. Try these tips from area experts to make this your fittest summer yet.

• “Stay active and stay hydrated, especially when you’re outdoors and in high humidity situation. Don’t wait until you are thirsty. Use water above all other hydration choices. Water is essential to life. If you’re sweating nicely, add a pinch of sea salt and slices of lemon or lime per liter of water to add in much needed electrolytes, potassium and sodium.

• “Avoid excess sugar foods or beverages, for example Gatorade. Sugar is pure white and a dose-dependent toxic substance to the human body. “

Frank Giardina, board-certified registered dietitian nutritionist, owner of SMART Nutrition by Frank, Williamsville.

• “Though we’re an indoor climbing gym, we do have a portable rock wall to take to events. When you’re exercising outside, you need to stay hydrated and not push your body too far. You don’t want to over exert yourself.

• “Climbing is a good sport for women, as many don’t have a lot of upper body strength and this helps you become stronger. You use muscles you typically don’t use.

Rhonda McGuire, director of marketing, Niagara Climbing Center, North Tonawanda.

• “Some big things are to pay attention to the weather. Humidity can be a factor, as the moisture sticks to our skin and doesn’t evaporate.

• “Replenish with plenty of water and electrolytes from fruits and vegetables. Stay on top of fruits and vegetables. They’re loaded with sodium and other things your body needs.

• “The time of day is very important, too. Exercise early in the morning before the heat becomes intense. People become more motivated to get it done when they exercise early.

• “Look for heat exhaustion, which can lead to heat stroke. If you feel a little faint, dizzy, have muscle cramps or nausea, don’t try to tough it out. Cool off and rest and rehydrate and refuel yourself. Pace yourself a little slower, especially if you haven’t done much during the winter. More so in this area, as we have such different climates throughout the year.

• “If you’re pregnant, definitely be more careful. I wouldn’t push it hard. It would be a thing to talk about with your obstetrician.

• “I see a lot of clients who want to start working out now that it’s warm out. They want to start dropping weight and they want to start losing weight in a few weeks so they really overdo it. That can be very dangerous. A lot of women feel pressured to live up to the image portrayed in the media.

• “Wear clothing that’s lightweight in light colors to keep you cooler.”

Warren Paschetto holds a Master of Science degree in health and human performance with a specialization in strength and conditioning. He is s certified personal trainer and owner of Warren Paschetto Fitness in Williamsville.