Gifts for Fitness Buffs

From gift certificates to equipment there is a lot to choose from

By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

If you have a few fitness buffs on your gift list, you have plenty of options that will encourage them in their wellness goals.

Suggestions from Kevin Phengthavone, head of strength and conditioning UBMD Orthopedics & Sports Medicine’s Impact Sports Performance facility:

• “Consider giving some recovery products like percussion guns, heat and ice modalities for recovery.
• “Give introductory packages to fitness facilities in the area. That can help the recipient to try something different. When people are into fitness for a while, they may get into a routine and things can get stagnant. A week or month trial can spark their interest in different things they can do for fitness: a different fitness activity. It could be classes for boxing, karate or things like that. Most places have a package where you can try for a weekly class for five weeks.
• “PowerBlock sells adjustable dumbbells that are reliable. The bar can be attached to kettlebells and dumbbells of different weights and used for cardio and strength training exercises. They also do not take up much space.
• “Look into fitness watches that track heart rate. Garmin has a few good options. FitBit has good ones and there are the Apple watches, too. These can help people stay on track and know their workouts are helping them meet their goals.
• “Peloton, Nike and Apple all have apps with fitness classes on them. They are no more than $10 a month and you can get access to HIIT, cardio, minimal weights, yoga, spinning and more. Peloton was a big fad through the quarantine with everyone working out at home, though you don’t need a Peloton to access and use those.
• “For fitness, it’s about consistency and building the habit of staying into fitness. Any type of gift to help build that habit of working out a few times a week last over the long run over things like a medicine ball or another piece of equipment. Anything to help keep them accountable will help them stay consistent and help them reach their fitness and health goals.”

Suggestions from Kim Fenter, doctor of naturopathic medicine, L.E.A.N Expectations Health Coach at Audubon Women’s Medical Associates, P.C. in Williamsville:

• “This may sound a little like a sales pitch, but my first gift idea is the gift of health: a gift certificate to work with a health coach. Even the most knowledgeable of individuals will benefit from the accountability and educational aspects of working with a health coach.
• “A good pair of athletic shoes. Go to a specialty athletic shoe store and let them personally fit your athletic shoe to the person. This is an important aspect of structural health that is often forgotten. A good athletic shoe, that is fitted to the specific needs and body structure, is priceless.
• An exercise and stability ball. This inexpensive piece of exercise equipment will benefit the newbie fitness buff and the experienced fitness buff. It is a great tool to help improve your strength, cardio endurance and balance at an affordable price.”