New Complex Contraception and Family Planning Care Launches, Increase Access to Care 

A broader range of reproductive and gynecological services will be available in Western New York, now that UBMD Obstetrics & Gynecology (OBGYN) is instituting a new clinical initiative, addressing concerns around complex contraception and family planning.

The program has launched in an effort to help patients who may have medical considerations complicating their ability to select and receive birth control.

“Patients with these concerns may benefit from seeing a physician who has additional training and expertise in complex contraception,” said physician Sarah Berga, president of UBMD OBGYN. “With a complex contraception specialist, they can find an option that fosters health and works for their lifestyle.”

Berga is also chairwoman of the department of obstetrics & gynecology at the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo.

“When a medical condition, treatment or medication has an impact on a someone’s ability to take birth control or affects its effectiveness, going to a specialist should be considered,” said physician Rachelle St. Onge, who leads this care initiative. “We have the tools, resources and knowledge that can help them navigate this. Anyone who wants to be on birth control should be able to have access to a method that is safe and takes into consideration the unique risk factors they may have.”

“By having a team whose specialized focus is caring for these patients, and that is constantly working to expand options for these patients, we help bring better and safer healthcare to Western New York,” said St. Onge, an assistant professor at the Jacobs School, who teaches medical students and residents, as well as conducts research.

Those who should consider visiting a complex contraception specialist are patients on medication that affects the ability to have birth control

Complex contraception and family planning also serves an important function by assisting with preconception counseling, preventive screening and family planning options before pregnancy if desired.

Provided at its Williamsville office, UBMD OBGYN offers full-service gynecological wellness, including on-site ultrasound services. On-site ultrasounds allow for use during exams to monitor any concerns, identify the source of pelvic pain, or the insertion/removal of contraceptive implants, as well as prenatal care.