Sweating for Better Health at the Driphouse

Williamsville spa is a place to go to be pampered, burn calories, break a sweat

By Catherine Miller

Eucalyptus infused cooling towel is applied to one of clients at Driphouse.
Eucalyptus infused cooling towel is applied to one of clients at Driphouse.

February in Western New York is made to bring in the cold. But if you are longing to escape the dead of winter and surround yourself in warmth and relaxation, there is no better place than the Driphouse to reap health benefits and to break away locally from the mid-winter blues.   

Located in Williamsville, the Driphouse is a personalized sweat lodge where you lay in a relaxed bed wrapped in FAR-infrared heat-producing blankets that gradually increase in temperature to produce a tranquil, productive sweat session.

Every visit detoxifies your body, eases muscles, cleanses the skin and destresses your mind, according to co-owner Malisa Lougher.

The sessions lasts 30-60 minutes and you can expect to burn between 600 to 1200 calories, said Lougher.

She said that in addition to weight loss, clients have experienced decreased anxiety, reduced body aches and muscle pains and enhanced sleep, which is critical for good health. Utilizing the body’s own thermogenic potential the FAR-infrared heat increases blood flow and cardiovascular conditioning, while acting as a natural detoxification tool.

Upon entering the Driphouse you will be given a drip suit, which includes a fresh pair of sweatpants, a long sleeve shirt and socks. It is suggested to bring a water bottle to continue to hydrate before and after your session or purchase a rehydration juice at the facility to maintain proper hydration levels.

During your drip session you will be brought to your drip room and wrapped in the heated, weighted blankets which will produce deep tissue warmth throughout your body. Patrons are closely monitored to ensure ideal temperatures and comfort levels. There is a video monitor for your Netflix viewing pleasure, or you can bring your own playlist and listen to music while being lulled away from the cold Buffalo winter to a heat-infused spa-like realm.

“The experience is really what you make it,” said Lougher. “Especially during times like this when there is increased stress, you can come to the Driphouse and escape the craziness of the world and be pampered for an hour.”

A lifelong fitness advocate, Lougher said that especially during this time when our fitness routines have been altered we need to pay just as much attention to our recovery time as we do to our workout and training time. A drip house session can be used to speed up recovery of your muscles and joints and enhance overall health. The drip session aids in the removal of stored toxins, metabolizes fats and soothes tense muscles, Lougher said.

So who can benefit from a drip session?

Almost everyone, Lougher said.

The typical client ranges in age from 18 to 65 and beyond with all fitness levels utilizing the warmth of the FAR-infrared heat to aid in everything from arthritis and insomnia to boosting immunity levels which is so important in our current environment.

Many essential workers take advantage of a drip session to quiet their minds and relax in a meditative state. The list of benefits goes on. There are a few health issues that would prevent you from using the Driphouse, which includes some cardiovascular or respiratory conditions, pregnancy and current chemotherapy treatment. You should consult a physician prior to visiting the facility if you are unsure if a drip session is right for you.

First time users are normally surprised at how clean and refreshed they feel after their hour-long session and describe it as a “clean sweat” which continues for hours after leaving the facility. Those that have visited in the past find it as beneficial for their mental health as for their physical health.

“I come out of the drip session very relaxed,” said Lisa Panek, who visit the Driphouse when she needs to destress, “It’s great to get away from the world for an hour. I come out calm and with a fresh perspective on life. I feel like a new person.”

While each drip bed is set up to be private, they can also be combined so that you can drip with up to eight friends which makes it perfect for a day out, and a perfect addition to your self-care routine.

Walk-in appointments are not always possible so its suggested that you make your reservation by calling 716-633-2902. Check out their website for additional information and don’t forget to hydrate before you take the trip to drip.

Pricing is $48 per session with discounts for students and veterans. There is also a two-pack session for $70 and multi packs at discounted rates.

Photo: A spa-like atmosphere awaits clients at the Driphouse in Williamsville, where they can lay in a relaxed bed wrapped in FAR-infrared heat-producing blankets that gradually increase in temperature to produce a tranquil, productive sweat session