Trocaire College features new ultrasound equipment

Students in Trocaire College’s diagnostic medical sonography (DMS) program are now training on the latest ultrasound equipment thanks to a grant from James H. Cummings Foundation.

The $110,000 grant covers the cost of new ultrasound machine, training on the equipment, and three years of equipment maintenance.

“Our DMS program is at full enrollment and with the pandemic causing changes in healthcare settings, more of our students were using our on-campus equipment to meet their required scan time,” said Jaime White, director of imaging programs, Trocaire College. “It’s important that we offer our students the latest equipment that they will be exposed to in the clinical setting. Thanks to the generous support of Cummings Foundation, we can meet this increased student demand, providing them with more hands-on experience for clinicals and future career opportunities.”

James H. Cummings Foundation recognizes the technology and equipment needs of quality healthcare training and education for those entering medical professions and has been a strong supporter of Trocaire and its students for five decades. Most recently, Cummings Foundation funded Trocaire to purchase and implement the SonoSim Ultrasound Training Solution in late 2019, which enabled students to successfully complete their course of study virtually amidst the pandemic.