5 Resolutions for 2021

During the pandemic you need personal resolutions for physical and mental health

By Robbie Raugh
Special for In Good Health, WNY’s Healthcare Newspaper

Well, that was a crazy year, but 2020 had also some wonderful parts at the same time. In the midst of how horrible this pandemic has been for many of us, there have been some silver linings.

For me personally, spending more time with family has been priceless. We had both our daughters home for three months and one has been here since March. I am so grateful for this extra time together.

The pandemic has also given us a chance to reinvent ourselves and think outside the box for work and other things. I do believe God wanted us to slow down and realize what’s important in life. It certainly isn’t flying from one thing to another with no time for the important things in life.

Dinners and spending more time at home have been a blessing. For me, it has been doing everything on Zoom and from my home — from AM Buffalo television “Health and Fitness” segments to seeing patients and doing podcasts.

Slowing down has also given us time to think about our health and staying healthy should be part of everyone’s new year’s resolutions, especially in 2021. We need to build up our immune system, which is our best defense against the COVID-19 virus and many other diseases and health conditions. Vitality and longevity should be our goals.

Resolutions I believe everyone needs to consider following are:

1. Eat healthy to boost our immune system. You cannot eat out of a box or window and have a million-dollar body or a clean bill of health. Our gut microbiome is our own internal ecosystem which also plays a huge part in our immunity and is connected to our brain health as well.

2. Exercise most days of the week to boost our immune system and stay healthy. If the gyms are closed, go for a walk or set up space in your house to exercise. No time to work out? You simply must make time because it’s that important! It’s important not only for your physical health, but mental health as well. Health is wealth. And if you do not have any energy to work out, remember, energy produces energy! You achieve energy by working out!

3. Take care of your finances. Financial health is a big goal for me as well this year. We all need to get our ducks in a row and clean up our spending during this pandemic. Go through your checking account and get rid of app charges and other charges you don’t really need. Keep track of everything. You can’t manage what you don’t measure, whether it’s your food intake or your finances. Failure to plan is planning to fail.

4. Get your health appointments in. Self-care is so important. Get a massage; go to the chiropractor; make those health check-ups you’ve been too busy to do. Know your numbers: your blood pressure, your vitamin D levels and your blood work. As my mother always told me, “If you don’t take care of you, you can’t take care of anyone else.” Make time to also stay connected. Spatial distance rather than social distance. We are made to be connected with others so don’t isolate yourself. Call others, Facetime, zoom or whatever you can do to stay connected.

5. Our spiritual fitness is most important. Don’t forget to pray about everything and lay your burdens down. Make it a priority in 2021 and you will have peace that surpasses all understanding.

Robbie Raugh is the founder and CEO of Raw Truth Health, based in Williamsville. She is a registered nurse and author of “The Raw Truth Recharge Book — 7 Truths for Total Health and Fitness.” She hosts “The Raw Truth” on WDCX Radio 99.5 FM or 970 AM. For more information, visit www.robbieraugh.com.

Photo: Robbie Raugh, founder and CEO of Raw Truth Health, based in Williamsville. Photo provided.