The Ideal You Weight Loss Center

The Ideal You has helped over 6,000 Western New Yorkers lose over 220,000 Pounds!

ideal youThe Ideal You Weight Loss Center was established in Clarence in 2013. There are now three locations: Clarence, West Seneca and Tonawanda. The Ideal You offers private one-on-one weekly weight loss counseling to their clients and sells more than 80 varieties of low-calorie protein-based products. On the program, women can expect to lose two to four pounds per week and men can expect to lose three to five, without additional exercise. To date, The Ideal You Weight Loss Center has helped more than 6,000 Western New Yorkers lose over 220,000 pounds!

What is the cost of the program?

There is a one-time Initial consultation fee of $225, however, there are many discounts available: $125 off the consultation fee if you have BlueCross BlueShield or Independent Health; $25 off the consultation fee if you start with a friend; $50 off the consultation fee if you are military personal or a veteran; and two free boxes of food every time you refer a new dieter.

Foods average $4.50 per meal for your breakfast, lunch and your snack, and the supplements average about $85 per month. You will prepare your own dinner plus veggies.

What supplements do I have to take?

You will take a multi vitamin, potassium, calcium-magnesium, and omega 3. There are no drugs, appetite suppressants or stimulants. All of the supplements are pharmaceutical grade.

How and why does this diet work?

This program is a ketogenic diet that forces your body to burn your reserved fat while preserving your lean tissue and muscle mass. It is a rapid weight loss program that burns your stored fat 24 hours a day!

How often do I have to come in?

You will have a quick 15 minute appointment every week at The Ideal You Weight Loss Center. You will have better results by being held accountable. Your weight loss coach has many tips and tricks and the answers to the questions you’ll have along the way.

How long does the program last?

It is a four-phase diet. Phase 1 is rapid weight loss. You stay on Phase 1 until you reach your weight loss goal. You proceed to Phase 2 for two weeks, Phase 3 for two weeks, and then lifetime maintenance. Once in maintenance, you are eating all of your own food.

Will I gain weight back?

No, you should not. You should come in monthly during Phase 4 (maintenance) to be weighed and measured to ensure your long-term success!

Are diabetics allowed to go on the program?

Yes, diabetics do great! Both Type 1 and Type 2 can go on the program. There is a modified program for Type 1 diabetics.

Can children go on the program?

Children over 17 can go on the program with their doctor’s and parent’s consent.

How do I learn more?

Anyone interested is encouraged to attend a free informational open house prior to joining. They are held every Wednesday night at 6 p.m. at all three Ideal You Weight Loss Center locations. Open houses are by pre-registration only and you can register online at There is no cost or obligation associated with the open house.

How do I get started?

In order to actually get started, we will need you to complete a health profile form and have your doctor sign our doctor’s permission form. Both forms can be found on The Get Started tab on our website The Health Profile can be filled out and submitted entirely online! Once we receive both of these forms, one of our Nurses will review your paperwork and we will call you to schedule your initial consultation.

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