Change in ECMCC leadership announced

Erie County Medical Center Corporation (ECMCC) recently announced an appointment to the institution’s executive leadership team.

Joseph T. Giglia II, ECMCC’s chief human resources officer, will assume the position of general counsel in addition to his existing responsibilities for ECMCC. ECMCC’s current executive vice president and general counsel, Anthony J. Colucci III, will retain his position as executive vice president, focusing on leading strategic initiatives between ECMCC and its Great Lakes Health System partners, Kaleida Health and the University at Buffalo.

Giglia holds a Juris Doctor degree from Widener University School of Law (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania). He holds a Bachelor of Science in criminal justice from SUNY Brockport. Prior to joining ECMCC in October 2018, he served as vice president of human resources and general counsel at the Buffalo News. Prior to that, he served as vice president of legal and operations, corporate human resources for Catholic Health in Buffalo.

Photo: Giglia