Cytotechnology Students Honored at White Coat Ceremony

Three graduate students in Daemen College’s specialized cytotechnology program were recognized at a white coat ceremony held at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, the educational partner for the program.

Honored at the white coat ceremony were Lia Harmon of Tonawanda, Jessica Pillard of Silver Creek, and Samantha Wozniak of Lancaster. The white coat ceremony is a symbolic rite of passage that officially recognizes cytotechnology students for their professional commitment to health care and clinical excellence in their field.

“We are proud of these exceptional cytotechnology students, who are now completing their training at Roswell Park,” said Diane Ramos, chairwoman and associate professor of natural sciences. “Through this unique educational partnership, our students are learning from Roswell Park’s senior cytotechnologists and pathologists to develop the hands-on skills and knowledge needed to provide the highest quality patient care.”

Cytotechnology is a specialty within the spectrum of medical care that involves the microscopic interpretation of cells to detect cancer and other abnormalities.

Photo: Daemen College’s specialized cytotechnology program student Jessica Pillard (from left) Lia Harmon and Samantha Wozniak.